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The weekend, I hit a triple. No I wasn't playing baseball. I had three different gigs. One brewery and two wine bars. Normally I do three gigs a week anyway but for some reason I decided to make this the focus of today's blog.

First and foremost I want to emphasize that it's not about the money. Money comes as a consequence of doing what I love to do. However, it is worth it to say that one gig pays me what I would have made in 2.5 days at my day job. So that's a plus.

The audiences of the gigs were all so responsive and to end it all, last night we had the tiny bar filled and dancing to our tunes! It was so rewarding to see people dancing to our little acoustic duo. So much fun.

The week ahead hold so much opportunity as well. Poetry Night, Drag Night, and of course bar gigs. Thank you universe!

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