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"PHANTOM POWER" 2/26/2020

Updated: Feb 27

I am blessed. Taking the time to accomplish things I have been meaning to get to is such a wonderful feeling. I was very fortunate to get in the studio again and record backing vocals, and extras on a great song myself and Kris Beach are working on. I can't say the title yet but wow is Kris Beach a talented producer.

We went to his friends studio who has worked with names like Alicia Keys, and other famous artists. I was very discouraged with myself this session because my voice was nowhere near healed from my weekend of singing for eleven hours. We had to do take after take after take to get the simplest note. Greg and Kris were very patient and offered such great advice on how to hit the notes and how too heal my voice. I am very grateful for their patience.

The more I take to achieving my daily goals and reaching for the bigger picture, the more powerful I feel. Life is just falling into place financially, spiritually, and creatively. I am so excited for this process and am lucky to have a great support system in the process. We have the power!