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Last night Jaden and I brought our duo experience to the Mesa Verde Country Club in Costa Mesa. It was our first time ever performing at this location so we were a little nervous. Being nervous is something I hope never goes away for me as a performer. Its a true sign of care and makes me want to do my best work.

Upon arrival the GM Greg treated us like we were kings. The staff took my gear from my car straight to the performance site. He had a pizza and beverages waiting for us before we started. When it was time to take a break, he had two of the most delicious burgers I have ever had prepared and ready for us to eat.

The point isn't that we got a bunch of free stuff. The point is we were treated with such respect and kindness. To be honest, that's a rare thing to come by in this industry. Time and time again I am constantly having to keep myself in check and be as professional as I can in crucial situations. Thank you Mesa Verde for reminding us that people are people. You get what you give. I am so excited to play there again!