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BOOK IT: Repertoire

We all know the same damn bar songs that are played every single night in bars across the country. "Friends in low places", "Sweet Caroline", and "Free Bird". Yeah, yeah, yeah. They are annoying and overplayed. They are the last thing you'll want to play. But guess what? TOUGH! You're gonna play them because Karen and her husband Jeff are going to request them no matter what you're serving up the audience. They brought their friends out for a nice night of wine a cheese and they wanna feel alive. "Play Doobie Brothers!, Play country!, Play, play play."

Yes I have met Karen and Jeff. Yes I played their song requests. Yes they tipped the shit out of me. At the end of the day here's the truth: You get to play music and get paid for it. How cool is that? Unless it's a showcase where you get to play originals, you will be playing songs people want to hear. Give the people what they want, and the people will want what you have to give them. I forget who said something like that but it's true. This is about you, and your brand. You want the guests to leave feeling satisfied so they tell their friends about you. (This leads to more gigs, I promise.).

Do it for the audience. The Karens and the Jeffs of the world. They are counting on you!