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BOOK IT: Etiquette.

The lights are pulsing, the music is loud. You take your beer and throw it on the audience and yell "F*!k Yeah!!!!!

If you can do that and be asked to come back to the venue, please go ahead. For the people reading this right now I doubt you are able to pull off that flex. So let's go over some basic, common sense things we can remember when performing a gig.

First off when you arrive its a good idea to say hello and conduct yourself in a positive manner using body language that is inviting and non confrontational. This goes back to the last blog I wrote about your appearance. Politely asking where you can set up, and asking any questions you may have to the appropriate staff member.

Using appropriate language when you talk to the audience and changing lyrics is necessary if you are in a family oriented establishment. There may be children out and about and the last thing you wanna do is use profanity in front of them.

Be nice. Period. To everyone.

Clean up after yourself. Odds are you aren't famous enough to pull some wild shit off but even famous people need manners. This is a short blog but seriously such a common sense thing.