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BOOK IT #3 3/5/2020

Plan A. My main method of booking gigs is through email. Why email? It is less intrusive as a phone call or in person pitch. The venue can respond on their terms and that makes them more inclined to message you back.

When a door to door salesman or telemarketer get a hold of you, what is your initial reaction? Mine is annoyed. I think to myself, "What does this person want? Why are they trying to get it from me?" The same goes with pitching yourself to venues. If you lower the expectation for the venue, they feel they are in a "safe" zone and are in control of the situation. Its just less invasive. You are still selling yourself to the venue, but in a non forceful way.

I construct every single email differently for each venue. You do not want to copy and paste your messages and send them to the masses. (Trust me I have tried). The email should be short and sweet. The last thing people want to do is read your novel about why you would be a great fit for their venue.

Here is an example of an email:


My name is Michael Dean and I am a local solo performer and frontman for the cover band "Diver City".  I am looking to expand my horizons and was very interested to reach out to you to see about playing at the blah blah blah.

I offer solo performances as well as full band performances. I am not quite sure what your needs are so I decided to inquire.

I have attached my solo and full band repertoire as well as links to my websites.  I truly hope this helps me book a performance and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Solo/Duo: Michaeldeanmusic.com

Full Band: Divercitysound.com

Thank you for you time!

Your subject line could read: Inquiry about music booking

It's that simple. Ok, so you have sent your emails and now you are patiently waiting a response. Let me emphasize that again. You are PATIENTLY waiting a response. That's important to know going into this. Out of every 100 emails I send, I may get five responses. Thats the reality. Some emails never get read, some get brushed aside. The venue that does respond and gives you a chance is the catch we were waiting for. Lift that beautiful fish out of the water and take a picture with it. We will talk more about keeping the gigs consistent later on.