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BOOK IT #1 3/3/2020

Booking gigs is essential to any musician. Thats what we are practicing for, thinking about, and looking forward to. But what are ways to book gigs without the hassle of going through an agency? Don't get me wrong, agencies are important. They have ins and have already built strong relationships with venues. Relationships that take forever to build. I mean all relationships.

But what if I told you building relationships isn't as hard as it sounds? Think about it. You have relationships now. They were all built from the ground up. Some are stronger than others and some have lasted longer than others too.

The same can go with venues. You simply have to know where to start.

The next few blogs are going to be dedicated to building those relationships and the things that worked for me. More importantly, the things that didn't work for me. There are lessons in failures. It's time to book some shows!!!